To use the Point of Sale you must have at least one staff member. The staff list is accessible from the menu.



How to create a new staff member

To create a new staff member select new and fill out the required fields.


How to delete a staff member

To delete a staff member simply select the line and choose delete.


Please note that sales are marked with the staff ID of the staff member that performed the sale, so when a staff member is deleted the sale will continue to be marked with the staff ID but the description will state "Deleted Staff ID 101". Also note that if a staff ID is reused the new name will appear in the sales history for sales marked with the reused staff ID.


How to set a new password

When creating a new staff member you have the option to add a password to the staff. However, after the staff has been created, the staff password can only be added or changed from the POS. This is done so that employers can create a staff log in for their staff with a generic password or none at all, and then the staff member can create or change their password so they can have their own custom log in. As an administrator you will still have access to all the updated password information from the staff page.



In order to change or add a password to a staff member that has already been created, open the LS Express Point of Sale and log in with the staff ID that you wish to edit. Then from the POS select the change password wizard from the actions menu where you can edit the password.